Lieon by HNGR MADE on SoundCloud

Im A Monster by HNGR MADE on SoundCloud

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Seth Rogen, girlfriend of the year award.

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🐱kitty swag. #myart #linoblock #printmaking


Society: Criminal.
Society: Terrorist.
Society: Criminal.
Society: Mental illness. (lost soul, complicated psyche, quiet loner, misunderstood, frustrated with life, experienced recent, traumatic, life-altering events that set him off; not to mention all the positive descriptors that are attached to him, i.e. intelligent, PhD candidate, honor roll student, etc.)



What an amazing night. Goodnight world. My world is burning. I love the colors.

"I’m so eager to see you again, but I wouldn’t ask to see you. Not because I’m proud. In fact, in front of you, I cede all my pride. Yet only if you asked to see me, our meeting would be meaningful to me."

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Ham on errrythang


It sucks to know you cant so anything to stop something that you hate from happening.